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St Peters Church of England,Richmond,NSW,Australia



Latitude: -33.6, Longitude: 150.76667


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Ashton Thomas  Aft 25 May 1866St Peters Church of England,Richmond,NSW,Australia I679
2 Huxley Edwin Marshall  Aft 27 Feb 1879St Peters Church of England,Richmond,NSW,Australia I10006
3 Huxley James  Aft 24 Sep 1885St Peters Church of England,Richmond,NSW,Australia I10005
4 Huxley Mildred Maude  Aft 25 Apr 1877St Peters Church of England,Richmond,NSW,Australia I10010
5 Magick Ethel Rosetta  3 Jun 1946St Peters Church of England,Richmond,NSW,Australia I890
6 Magick Sarah Ethelinda  Aft 14 Mar 1938St Peters Church of England,Richmond,NSW,Australia I4128
7 Magick William  Aft 16 Jun 1860St Peters Church of England,Richmond,NSW,Australia I585
8 Phipps Elizabeth  9 Aug 1869St Peters Church of England,Richmond,NSW,Australia I584
9 Powell Jessie  12 Jan 1945St Peters Church of England,Richmond,NSW,Australia I10464
10 Roberts Anna  Aft 10 Aug 1911St Peters Church of England,Richmond,NSW,Australia I677
11 Ross Elizabeth Annie  3 May 1913St Peters Church of England,Richmond,NSW,Australia I8739
12 Sly Jessie Madeline  3 Feb 1900St Peters Church of England,Richmond,NSW,Australia I8733
13 Sly Kenneth Willis  Aft 25 Mar 1972St Peters Church of England,Richmond,NSW,Australia I1256
14 Sly Vera Alice  Aft 19 Jul 1967St Peters Church of England,Richmond,NSW,Australia I1272
15 Sly William H  Aft 4 Oct 1874St Peters Church of England,Richmond,NSW,Australia I636
16 Walden Mary Ann  Aft 30 Jul 1933St Peters Church of England,Richmond,NSW,Australia I657
17 Westbrook Emily  24 Jun 1913St Peters Church of England,Richmond,NSW,Australia I628
18 Westbrook Harriet  7 Mar 1831St Peters Church of England,Richmond,NSW,Australia I626
19 Westbrook Sophia  19 May 1900St Peters Church of England,Richmond,NSW,Australia I631
20 Westbrook William  8 Jun 1829St Peters Church of England,Richmond,NSW,Australia I629
21 Westbrook William John  Aft 19 Aug 1899St Peters Church of England,Richmond,NSW,Australia I632
22 Willis Sarah Ann  Aft 11 Nov 1932St Peters Church of England,Richmond,NSW,Australia I1167


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Ashton Harriett  2 Sep 1850St Peters Church of England,Richmond,NSW,Australia I1128
2 Ashton Sophia  19 May 1839St Peters Church of England,Richmond,NSW,Australia I1126
3 Sly Charles Henry  14 Jun 1854St Peters Church of England,Richmond,NSW,Australia I644
4 Westbrook Adelina Benedicta  13 May 1829St Peters Church of England,Richmond,NSW,Australia I627
5 Westbrook Ann  13 May 1829St Peters Church of England,Richmond,NSW,Australia I634


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Ezzey / Ashton  29 Jan 1861St Peters Church of England,Richmond,NSW,Australia F684
2 Staines / Magick  12 Mar 1879St Peters Church of England,Richmond,NSW,Australia F591