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,Cobar, NSW, Australia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Beetson Ettie  1907,Cobar, NSW, Australia I4146
2 Chatfield John William  12 May 1915,Cobar, NSW, Australia I61
3 Chatfield Nellie  4 Apr 1917,Cobar, NSW, Australia I62
4 Duncan Lillian Frances  31 Jan 1929,Cobar, NSW, Australia I71
5 Duncan Mary Olive  9 Mar 1931,Cobar, NSW, Australia I99
6 Gilbert Sandra Joan  8 May 1943,Cobar, NSW, Australia I7307
7 Gilbert William John  24 Nov 1937,Cobar, NSW, Australia I7309
8 Goodfellow John Frederick  14 Feb 1940,Cobar, NSW, Australia I4996
9 Goodfellow Michael  19 Mar 1941,Cobar, NSW, Australia I4997
10 Hogden Henry  1903,Cobar, NSW, Australia I3462
11 Magick Alvina  1895,Cobar, NSW, Australia I4081
12 Magick Arthur Alexander  1904,Cobar, NSW, Australia I4087
13 Magick Edward Robert  1901,Cobar, NSW, Australia I5368
14 Magick Ernest Joseph  22 May 1906,Cobar, NSW, Australia I4144
15 Magick Robert Charles  1907,Cobar, NSW, Australia I4088
16 Maguire Edna Mary  16 May 1915,Cobar, NSW, Australia I457
17 Maguire Eileen Hazel  Dec 1917,Cobar, NSW, Australia I173
18 Maguire Richard James  Abt 1919,Cobar, NSW, Australia I5857
19 Nevins Charles H  1897,Cobar, NSW, Australia I2894
20 Nevins Elsie May  1898,Cobar, NSW, Australia I3428
21 Nevins Walter J  1904,Cobar, NSW, Australia I3430
22 Prisk Leonard John  Apr 1982,Cobar, NSW, Australia I2142
23 Pusell James Aspinall  28 Oct 1918,Cobar, NSW, Australia I436
24 Pusell Kathleen Nina  23 Oct 1915,Cobar, NSW, Australia I434
25 Pusell Thomas Patrick  10 May 1912,Cobar, NSW, Australia I797
26 Vincent Ruth Lorraine  23 Mar 1959,Cobar, NSW, Australia I4992


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Beetson Ettie  1907,Cobar, NSW, Australia I4146
2 Chatfield Nellie  18 Apr 1917,Cobar, NSW, Australia I62
3 Dwyer Kevin Gregory  5 Sep 2008,Cobar, NSW, Australia I5794
4 Gilbert Sandra Joan  17 May 1995,Cobar, NSW, Australia I7307
5 Goodfellow Joan Faith  6 Jan 1963,Cobar, NSW, Australia I4988
6 Goodfellow Michael  19 Mar 1941,Cobar, NSW, Australia I4997
7 Hogan Andrew  9 Jul 1954,Cobar, NSW, Australia I481
8 Josephson John Leo  31 Mar 1988,Cobar, NSW, Australia I192
9 Magick Alvina  1895,Cobar, NSW, Australia I4081
10 Maguire Ethel Blanche  14 Jan 1930,Cobar, NSW, Australia I484
11 Maguire James  2 May 1967,Cobar, NSW, Australia I172
12 Maguire Michael  29 Sep 1927,Cobar, NSW, Australia I916
13 Maguire Patrick Thomas  26 Sep 1990,Cobar, NSW, Australia I175
14 Prisk Leonard John  2 May 1982,Cobar, NSW, Australia I2142
15 Pusell Blanche Gertrude  1953,Cobar, NSW, Australia I118
16 Rice Albert Earnest  17 Dec 1962,Cobar, NSW, Australia I194
17 Vincent Ruth Lorraine  1961,Cobar, NSW, Australia I4992


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Gilbert Sandra Joan  Aft 17 May 1995,Cobar, NSW, Australia I7307


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Chatfield Bertie  12 Dec 1914,Cobar, NSW, Australia I57
2 Chatfield Bertie  20 May 1916,Cobar, NSW, Australia I57
3 Duncan Francis  1906,Cobar, NSW, Australia I100
4 Duncan Frank  8 Dec 1915,Cobar, NSW, Australia I14
5 Hogan Andrew  Aft 1920,Cobar, NSW, Australia I481
6 Pusell James  12 Dec 1914,Cobar, NSW, Australia I58
7 Pusell William Henry  20 May 1916,Cobar, NSW, Australia I365


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Duncan Francis  22 Dec 1900,Cobar, NSW, Australia I100
2 Duncan Francis  1906,Cobar, NSW, Australia I100
3 Magick Harriet  22 Dec 1900,Cobar, NSW, Australia I101


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    _ATTR    Person ID 
1 Duncan Frank  Abt 8 Jan 1932,Cobar, NSW, Australia I14
2 Duncan Frank  Abt 9 Jan 1932,Cobar, NSW, Australia I14
3 Duncan Frank  13 Jan 1932,Cobar, NSW, Australia I14


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Pusell / Cole  7 Aug 1912,Cobar, NSW, Australia F295